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Denon X1500 | Hardware Connection Procedure

Denon X1500 DJ Mixer with Serato SL2 Integrated(Hardware Connection Procedure)

Below are the steps necessary to properly identify the Denon X1500 DJ Mixer channels designated for Serato inputs and outputs.

Step 1: Layout DJ Hardware. (Note: Not actual gear, example only)

Step 2: Connect Hardware Inputs into DJ Mixer.

Connect Turntables or CD Players to appropriate channels on mixer in relation to layout of hardware. (E.G. If turntable 1 is on left side, connect turntable 1 on Channel 1 Phono1/Line1) The same follows for CD Players or Digital Players.

*DJ Mixer Channel 1 Phono1/Line1 Designated Left Deck

*DJ Mixer Channel 2 Phono2/Line3 Designated Right Deck

Step 3: Set DJ Mixer Channel to Approirate Channel Setting.

Left Deck – Channel Setting Line 1(L1).

Right Deck – Channel Setting Line 4(L4).

Step 4: Connect USB Cable to Computer and DJ Mixer Serato USB Port.

Step 5: Power on Denon DJ Mixer and laptop, load Serato DJ software. Control Vinyl or Control CD’s from Rane/Serato must be used(Download Here). Set to Absolute or Relative mode in Serato DJ software. Load music to decks and fall into the groove.


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Serato Box Integration | DJ Equipment Upgrades | Orange County

Serato Integration - Repair DJ Gear

Rane Serato SL-1 and Pioneer DJM-909 Integration

Short and sweet, you need this. If you are still carrying around a serato box, you should really consider the investment to integrate. Save time and remove the worry of hooking up RCA cables in the dark. Just plug in the USB port and you’re good to go. DONE!


Serato Integration - Repair DJ Gear