Traktor Tempo Fader

Traktor Tempo Fader


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Traktor Tempo Faders with Dust Covers.


Native Instruments Traktor tempo fader problems are frustrating! Without a properly working tempo fader, your music mixes will suffer, and the audience WILL hear it. The tempo fader is a critical adjustment for any DJ controller and Repair DJ Gear has the solution. With a new Traktor tempo fader upgrade, you will be back in the mix with a reliable tempo fader that will give you the control intended for music mixing. A complete rebuild kit is

available here.

The Traktor tempo fader upgrade utilizes a dust cover to limit the amount of dirt, debris and liquid contamination onto the electronic circuitry inside.

Why Repair DJ Gear?

-New Traktor Tempo fader with Dust Cover(Linear Taper) -Traktor Replacement Parts are available through Repair DJ Gear(RDG). -RDG offers replacement faders for all Traktor controllers.

tempo fader and channel fader

Are My Faders Faulty?

Traktor faders become faulty over time and need to be replaced, like a turntable stylus. Although a stylus lasts much longer than electromechanical hardware, it is a wearable part that needs to be replaced with lots of usage. This upgrade option is available for the Traktor s2 and Traktor S4 including all Native Instrument controllers.

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