DJ Lessons


Dance Music Initiative is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers free DJ lessons to the community.

Connect with DMI at whether you’re a beginner learning the fundamentals or an advanced DJ looking to round out your skills.


Mission Statement

Collectively inspire creativity through dance music culture.

Vision Statement

Dance Music Initiative (DMI) is a collective of dance music enthusiasts who pool their resources and knowledge to support others in their musically creative endeavors. DMI inspires others through instruction, mentoring, and sharing. DMI will continue its success with every person that asserts the collective has enriched their life and has made a positive impact on their ability to express themselves with dance music.

DMI Values

  1. Community: People first. Take care of and support each member’s creative pursuits and well-being.

  2. Music: This is our art. It should be respected and performed/written with integrity.

  3. Share: Proliferate dance music culture/history/knowledge to those who are supportive of the values and initiatives of the collective. Sharing can take place through instruction, mentoring, shadowing, online resources, hands-on demos, etc.

  4. Collective: Leverage the network of experience, skills, talents, resources, contacts, equipment, and anything else that can further the values and initiatives of the collective and the people it influences. Achieve more collectively than one can alone.

  5. Face-to-face: Bring people together in person versus interacting virtually behind a screen. In-person gatherings such as events put on or sponsored by the collective (big or small, public or underground), outings to experience artists who inspire members, festivals, educational/charity events, etc.

  6. Performance: Live events in public spaces with an audience, showcasing music from members or those who inspire members.

  7. Dance: Encourage people to express themselves through dance without judgement. The collective will host events in a safe, supportive environment where participants can express themselves as long as their actions are positive, safe, and respectful.



  1. Promote dance music culture: Champion positive, helpful, and creative aspects of dance music. Overcome the stigma of being associated with the irresponsible consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs. The collective can help reverse this negative perception through hosting and advocating responsible, safe, positive events and activities.

  2. Free DJ lessons: Teach DJ fundamentals, history, and culture to new or experienced DJs.

  3. Free music production courses: Teach digital music composition techniques through software and hardware.

  4. After-school program: Provide creative outlets for children in a structured and safe environment.

  5. Incite thoughtful discussion: Encourage healthy, open-minded discussion about the state of the dance music scene and current affairs.

  6. Contests: Motivate people to create work through friendly, positive, supportive events. E.G. Remix/Production contests, dance competitions, art auction fundraisers, etc.

  7. Local chapters: Set up a framework that can be reproduced in multiple communities around the world.

If you are interested in supporting Dance Music Initiative, either financially or by volunteering, then please reach out to us on facebook.