(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Should I Choose Repair DJ Gear To Repair My Audio Equipment?

We understand the importance of audio hardware working properly and failing during a show. We are artists and musicians too. On top of this, we have a over 25+ years experience with electronics and diagnostics, communication networks and restoring, repairing, modifying electronic equipment. Currently, we are the only repair source in Orange County, CA providing an outlet for artists and musicians to have their equipment repaired correctly and in a timely manner and a fair cost.

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What Do You Fix or Repair?

We service all brands and variants of DJ hardware and audio equipment. This includes, powered mixers, audio cards, MIDI devices, keyboards, DJ controllers, turntables, and powered speakers.

We have extreme knowledge and resources for all Native Instruments product lines, Including the Traktor S4, S5, S8, Z1, F1, Maschine, and so on.
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We also offer modifications which include the common Serato / DJ Mixer Integration.
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What Is The Repair Process?

We perform preventive maintenance and repair of standard electronic devices or an electronic system including all DJ and audio equipment. This includes troubleshooting, analyses, calibrations and modifications to a variety of audio equipment. We also develop solutions to resolve issues with common equipment failures.

Our process:

  • Communication
  • Inspection
  • Disassemble
  • Diagnosis
  • Repair
  • Replace
  • Reassemble
  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Quality Check

How Do I Get My DJ / Audio Equipment Fixed by Repair DJ Gear?

First, fill out the repair form and include in your package and or email us a copy. Once the package is received, we will go through the process of inspecting, diagnosing and repairing the device upon the agreed repair quote (sent initially).

*You may ship to us at anytime, 24/7. Scheduled drop-offs with one of our technicians is available on Saturday’s from 10-am to 12pm (pst) at our ship to address. Please email us to schedule a drop off time. repairdjgear@gmail.com

What Is The Cost To Repair My DJ / Audio Equipment?

Each repair cost is consistent with our flat rate of $120 per device (unit). This includes inspection, diagnosis, disassemble and reassemble procedures, repairing, cleaning and testing.

Parts will be additional cost if new parts are needed.

How Long Does It Take To Repair My DJ / Audio Equipment?

Depending on the repair needed, equipment, part availability, the season and our workload – between 5 – 15 days from when we receive it in our repair shop. When parts have to be ordered, expect an additional 5 – 10 days.

What If You Find Other Problems With The DJ / Audio Equipment?

If we find other issues with the device, we will contact you with an updated repair quote. We give considerable thought into the investment and if it is worth it for you to continue with repairs. In the end, we want the equipment fully functional and to work best with you and your musical performance.

What Is The Warranty On Repair?

We stand by our workmanship and quality control process. We offer a 15 day warranty from the day you receive your equipment after repairs. If there is an issue, we will need to investigate the issue which requires the device needing to be shipped back to us with a new repair form. Any sign of physical damage or fluid ingress voids the warranty.