Mini Innofader Plus

Mini Innofader Plus


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Upgraded Channel and Cross Faders for DJ controllers and DJ mixers..


The mini Innofader Plus is the new upgrade part which will replace the mini Innofader PNP P. The cut point has 0.1mm precision combined with a lightning fast 1msec response time. And now you can hook it up to an innoJUSTER to ensure you get the hairline precision cut point exactly where you want it on the fly! The installation process is now greatly simplified. Low profile connectors ensure that you do not have to worry about breaking any cables. The button is now easier to press. And the adjustments now can be done with simpler swipe movements. Finally, just as we were almost ready to go into production, DJs kept asking us for a Numark PT-01 Scratch solution. We spent painstaking hours modding the mini innofader PNP Ps so we could get you product quickly. So you can rest assured the mini innofader Plus is designed for the PT-01!

Installation Manuals

mini Innofader Plus manual p.1 mini Innofader Plus manual p.2 mini Innofader Plus Cables