CDJ 900 Nexus Link Port

CDJ 900 Nexus Link Port
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Pioneer CDJ 900 RJ45 Link Port.


The CDJ 900 link port is a vital part of the CDJ by Pioneer. The CDJ's offer many great features, including "linking" to share media content from one CDJ to the other while performing a live mix. Due to the usage of the link feature, this part becomes worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced. Repair DJ Gear offers a replacement Link Port for CDJ 900. How do I replace this port? Replacement of the port requires to disassemble the CDJ. Next, carfeully remove the PCB and remove the damaged link port by desoldering. Soldering is required and experienced recommended, otherwise, irreversible damage may occur to the pcb. We can fix it for you, Contact Us Now! Let us know how we can help you. We can repair the unit for you or provide you with replacement parts. Contact Us Now