Technics 1200 Replacement Capacitors


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Why Replace My Technics 1200 Turntable Capacitors?

Faulty capacitors can damage ICs, processor chips, and irreversible damage to pcbs. The
average lifespan for conventional capacitors is roughly 1 year of constant play time. As a DJ, practice makes permanent and on average we have our turntables on for about 83% of capacitor lifespan during a full year. Now, this varies and this is more of a preventative maintenance of Technics 1200 mk2 turntables, however, we have made the process easy to service your capacitors with a replacement kit if you choose to DIY.

*Note: High level of soldering required to perform this task.


*Note: We highlighted capacitor locations and Transistor(not included) locations.

Technics 1200 MK2 | Capacitor Service Kit

We have a very attractive kit to replace your capacitors on your Technics 1200 main board pcb. All of the capacitors meet or exceed oem specifications. This includes the following.

  • New Capacitors
  • Increased Longevity
  • Higher ripple current (higher tolerance to heat)
  • Lower ESR (internal resistance)
  • Lower operating temperature
  • higher tolerance for higher operating temperatures

Replacement Capacitor List

Below is the list of all replacement capacitors available with our kit. We also included GOOD MEASUREMENT VALUES for the capacitors once the board is ready for quality checks.

  • C1 Cap Measured – 36v Specs – 470uF/50v
  • C2 Cap Measured – 14v Specs – 33uF/25v
  • C101 / 102 / 103 Cap Measured – 2v Specs – 33uF/25v
  • C112 Measured – 21v Specs – 4.7uF/50v
  • C108 Measured – 21v Specs – 100uF/25v
  • C209 Measured – 10v Specs – 100uF/10v
  • C3 Measured – 22v Specs – 22uF/25v

Misc Capacitors

  • 3.3uF / 50v
  • (6 total) 1uF / 50v
  • 220uF / 6.3v
  • 47uF / 10v
  • 10uF / 16v
  • 100uF / 10v
  • 33uF / 6.3v


Technics 1200 Calibration

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