Mini Innofader PNP P

Mini Innofader PNP P


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Glitching or faulty channel or cross fader? No worries! Upgrade with the last fader you will ever need with the mini Innofader PNP! Upgrade for Traktor S4 and Traktor S8! Mini Innofader PNP P offers the features you demand on a long life fader. The mini innofader technology is superior than conventional faders giving it the reliability every DJ needs. 1) Precision 0.15mm step cut-in adjustment on both sides 2) 3 standard curves - soft, linear, and sharp 3) Output reverse 4) Up to 8mm total height adjustment The replaceable Plug-in "P" version builds on the simplicity of the Innofader PNP and provides a simple alternative to the Innobender. Plus the mini Innofader PNP P version works as a replacement fader for even the tightest of mixer and controller spaces! This model works with: Native Instruments Traktor S4 and S8 ANY Innofader PNP compatible mixer ANY Innobender compatible mixer Pioneer DDJ controllers Most Pioneer DJM mixers except DJM-500 and DJM-600 For DJM-707 and DJM-909, please see Innofader DJM-909 Korg mixers Vestax VCI-400 crossfader Product Reviews: Fitting mini Innofader in a Denon MC2000 Mini Innofader Retail Faders First Look DJ Booth fitting a mini Innofader PNP P in a DJM-T1 DJ Techtools Review