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mini innofader pnp pmini innofader pnp p


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Volume control and deck control. This is where we spend most of our time, balancing between songs, loops, samples, and maybe even some vocals. Glitching, ghosting and worn out volume control faders are common with every DJ mixer. Channel and cross faders are common failures with DJ and pro audio equipment. Their desire is simple and over time, they wear out due to friction. The life span for slide potentiometers, a channel fader or cross fader…will last about 5 years. Or 100,000 cycles to 1,000,000 cycles. It all really depends on application and usage of course. But there is a superior solution.


DJ mixer and Controller Cross Fader Replacement – mini Innofader PNP P


The mini Innofader PNP P offers the features that demand for a long life channel or cross fader. Repair DJ Gear installs Innofaders and mini Innofaders in many different DJ products, such as Allen & Heath, Pioneer, Numark and Native Instruments products. The mini Innofader technology is superior than conventional faders giving the hardware and DJ the reliability every DJ needs. Mainly, scratch DJs. Scratch, hip-hop, scratch-battle and even club and wedding DJs need a fader that can handle hours of usage without compromise.

  • Precision 0.15mm step cut-in adjustment on both sides
  • 3 standard curves – soft, linear, and sharp
  • Output reverse
  • Up to 8mm total height adjustment

The replaceable Plug-in “P” version builds on the simplicity of the Innofader PNP and provides a simple alternative to the Innobender. Plus the mini Innofader PNP P version works as a replacement fader for even the tightest of mixer and controller spaces!

Ready for Install DJ Controllers and DJ Mixers

  • Native Instruments Traktor S4 and S8
  • ANY Innofader PNP compatible mixer
  • ANY Innobender compatible mixer
  • Pioneer DDJ controllers
  • Most Pioneer DJM mixers except DJM-500 and DJM-600
  • For DJM-707 and DJM-909, please see Innofader DJM-909
  • Korg mixers
  • Vestax VCI-400 crossfader
  • And more. Every year we add more compatability


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