Tarktor S2/S4 Headphone Upgrade (+3 dB)

Tarktor S2/S4 Headphone Upgrade (+3 dB)

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Native Instruments Headphone Volume Upgrade. Please send us your original unmodified headphone PCB..


The Traktor S2 and S4 MK1 DJ controllers now have the capability to increase headphone volume with our upgrade to the headphone PCB. We have reverse engineered the PCB to make sure our modification will not affect any other component or signal on the Native Instruments headphone PCB. The modification is simple but does require a professional to modify and test. Please send us your entire DJ controller for the modification or just the headphone PCB for the rework. The overall decibel increase is +3 dB. We can boost the volume another +3 dB if desired, but this is the limit and we do not guarantee there will not be clipping.