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Traktor Faders with Dust Covers

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Native Instruments Traktor S8 channel fader issues are frustrating! With new upgraded replacement Traktor S8 channel faders, you will have great sounding faders while mixing. The upgraded Traktor S8 faders utilize a dust cover to limit the amount of dirt, debris and liquid contamination onto the electronic circuitry inside. Soldering is required to replace the channel fader on the blue pcb.



The RDG-001 are AUDIO TAPER compared to the factory installed LINEAR TAPER fader. What this means is a smooth fade in from 0 to 100% volume. However, the relationship between channel fader and software fade will not be in sync.

Linear vs. Audio

Potentiometers, or “pots” to electronics enthusiasts, are differentiated by how quickly their resistance changes. In linear pots, the amount of resistance changes in a direct pattern. If you turn or slide it halfway, its resistance will be halfway between its minimum and maximum settings. That’s ideal for controlling lights or a fan, but not for audio controls. Volume controls have to cater to the human ear, which isn’t linear. Instead, logarithmic pots increase their resistance on a curve. At the halfway point volume will still be moderate, but it will increase sharply as you keep turning up the volume. This corresponds to how the human ear hears.

Audio Taper-vs-Linear-Taper

Are My Faders Faulty?

Traktor faders become faulty over time and need to be replaced, like a turntable stylus. Although a stylus lasts much longer than electromechanical parts, this part wears out and needs to be replaced after lots of usage. This upgrade option is available for the Traktor S8, Traktor S2 and Traktor S4.

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