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DJ Controller Repair

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Is your DJ Controller acting up after a club or open air event? We repair and service every controller imaginable. Plus, we make them better with our upgraded parts (where applicable). We highly recommend having a travel case for any controller.

We spare no expense on quality parts and craftsmanship.

Walk-in and drop-off at our Mission Viejo location between 9 and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Perspective from a DJ Repairing DJ Controllers

As a DJ, there are options of which gear to buy. Classic turntables or pocket size WiFi-defying-physics gadgets to manipulate music systems. But for the typical club or wedding DJ, DJ Controllers have been a great tool since the 2009. Compact, lightweight, robust, sophisticated.

How Do They Work?

DJ Controllers are musical instruments that utilize microprocessors to provide easier control of DJ software such as Serato DJ, Traktor or RekordBox DJ. Some require a laptop connected to the DJ controller and others are standalone units that utilize usb drives as a source of audio files for playback, or to mix. DJ Controllers are such a wonderful tool for young and veteran DJs. Light weight, easy to use and they vary in price from a couple hundred to a couple grand. It all depends on what usage and goals with your career as a DJ. And the budget.

How to Repair a DJ Controller

We took on a DJ controller repair for a client in late 2012/2013 known as the Traktor S4 MK1. To repair anything related to music or DJ controllers, we had to take it slow and log our process. We had to reverse engineer, research and develop processes to safely diagnose issues with this new piece of hardware in tandem with software. Native Instruments launched the Traktor S4 MK1 in 2010. So, this was a very new “used” piece of hardware being used in the industry with close to zero 3rd party service support.

But through our perseverance, we repaired our first DJ controller successfully. And since then, we have repaired and upgraded many Native Instruments products, including the Traktor S4, S2, S5, S8, Z1, X1, F1 and the list goes on. We even repaired DJ controllers for people in Alaska and Hawaii. And we do offer service coast to coast. And we have provided replacement parts for Native Instruments DJ Controllers globally.

We will continue to take on projects no one else wants to. We enjoy the challenge and learning along the way. And providing support for DJs and artists and musicians.


All parts and labor that we provide are covered by our 30-day warranty. Please understand the warranty does not cover physical or fluid damage to the equipment.


We believe our process for repairs are far better than any competitor. We set the standards for modern equipment repair. And we stand by our process with repair and quality control.


You are the most important, period. We listen to your needs and help you along the way. We have been there before and want to help you be successful with your musical adventures. Let us help you along the way.

New Equipment Purchasing Options for DJs and Professionals

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